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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Japanese Shop Find - Saizen

Shop Find - Saizen

I was over at Galleria today and I found this nice Japanese product shop called Saizen. It's like the Japan Home Center but has tons of other stuff, not just home accessories. There's kitchen ware, office accessories (cable organizers, folders, plastic cases, pens, staplers, what have you.), fashion accessories (headbands, earrings, etc...), garden accessories, and other home accesories.

The best section that I found was the one on cable organizing. They had 10 different types of cable organizers in different shapes and sizes, and different cable attachments that I haven't seen before. But my real find were cable tags! These are tags you can put in cables to tell you that this cable is for the TV, DVD, computer, etc.. so you don't mix them up. I've posted a few pictures. They have cable tags for your home entertainment system and for your PC setup.

If you're interested to visit the shop, it's at Robinson's Galleria, 3rd floor.

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