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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Text Groups for the iPhone

Do you send text messages to a group of people over and over again? Maybe you have a group of friends or colleagues that you usually text/SMS all at the same time? Or maybe you usually send the same message to a person or group of persons? Then Text Groups is the application for you.
Text Groups allows you to create groups from your contacts, and you can easily access these groups to send a text message, without adding each contact again and again. You specify a group name, a default message, and even a group icon so that you can differentiate between groups. You can then add, edit and remove contacts easily, and even define new phone numbers not coming from your phone's address book.

Text Groups uses in-app SMS, which allows you to send the group text message without leaving the application, making the experience easy and seamless.

Yes folks, it's my new iPhone app. Download it from here.

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