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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Copy Magic - Copy Text and Contacts between devices without 3G, Wifi or Bluetooth!

Copy Magic is an new, innovative application that lets you magically copy text and contact information to another iOS device, without using 3G, wifi or Bluetooth! It works even if your phone has no signal!

All you need to do is to copy a piece of text to the clipboard and when you open the app, it is immediately available for sharing on the other phone via a magic QR code! Once this code is scanned by the other phone, you can instantly paste the text to your Notes, Email or SMS!

Unlike other applications, Copy Magic does not use any network whatsoever. Other apps may use sound to transmit data between phones, but you still need 3G or wifi to download the actual information. Copy Magic does not have this limitation!


1) Copy text easily from iOS devices!
2) Copy contacts just by selecting it from the address book!
3) Copy URLs from one device to another, and push one button to open it in Safari!
4) Copy phone numbers between devices and instantly call or SMS that number!
5) Create "My Card", where you can store your own contact information. You can easily share this information by tapping on the "My Card" tab! 

Ever wanted to share information between 2 iOS devices but cannot use the network, there is no available wifi, or do not want to be hassled with Bluetooth pairing? Maybe you are roaming but need to share information without spending for expensive data roaming charges? This application solves that problem! In less than 2 seconds, you can copy text from one device to another! It's that fast!

Copy Magic is Free. Download and start sharing now via this link.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Scary Alarms is Now 100% Free!

I'd just like to inform everyone that Scary Alarms is now, 100% free in the Appstore. Now you can easily enjoy scaring your parents, friends and relatives with scary alarms! Download it now by clicking on this link.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Profiler Version 2.0 Coming Out

Just a quick post - I've taken Profiler out of the Appstore since it now crashes on iOS 5.1. I've fully revamped the application from scratch, putting in what I think is a better UI. I've submitted the application to Apple and just waiting for them to approve it. Above is a screenshot of the new UI. I'll keep you guys posted once it comes out.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

MoreFunogram - It's More Fun in the Philippines

MoreFunogram is out! It's an iPhone app that lets you create your own It's More Fun in the Philippines photos and post it on Twitter, Facebook or save it back to your photo albums.

It's easy to use - just start the application, select a photo or take one using the iPhone camera, type the text that you want to appear, and then you're shown a photo with your customized text on top. You can position the text anywhere you want, and when you're done you can tap a button to tweet it, post it on Facebook, or save it into your photo albums.

Some users have pointed out a couple of bugs - I've fixed them and the update is currently being approved by Apple.

Download it now and make your own It's More Fun in the Philippines photo! http://bit.ly/morefunogram