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Friday, July 31, 2009

SMS Templates is now available at the Apple AppStore! SMS Templates allows you to create predefined text message templates, useful if you send the same messages again and again. You can also associate a template message with a default contact, for the times you send the same message regularly to the same person ("I'm home" to your wife).

To use SMS Templates, just tap on a template, then you can choose to straight ahead send the message, or pick a contact to send the message to. The Messaging application will then start. Double tap the message body and tap Paste, to paste the template into the message body. Tap Send to send the message!

SMS Templates comes with some predefined templates, including messages with emoticons! (Emoji for the Japanese public).

Note - you may be wondering why I didn't just start the Messaging application and prefill the message body automatically. Unfortunately, the iPhone SDK does not currently support this functionality, but I will update the application once it is available.

Download SMS Templates now via http://bit.ly/2ZmxQo


Anonymous said...

smstemplates is great, can u pleeeease make a mms templates application for the iphone 3Gs??

Jamie said...

just got it, thx, but how do i add default recipient to the preloads?

Sherwin Sowy said...

Hmmm... I will look into building an MMS templates application as well.



Sherwin Sowy said...

Hi Jamie,

Unfortunately, you can't edit a template to add a default recipient. That'll probably be in version 1.2 which is in the pipeline. For now, just create a new template with the same message, and then associate a contact.

Sorry for that!


rudeboy said...

rudeboy said: i put it on my WordPress blog (which feeds Twitter, FB) hopefully it will help you.


(considering downloading and using QuickPing as well)


Sherwin Sowy said...

@rudeboy Thanks a lot! There might be a bug in 1.1. Don't upgrade yet if you can. I'm working on 1.2 to address this bug.

Sherwin Sowy said...

Hi Jamie,

SMS Templates version 1.3 is out! With this free upgrade, you can now edit any template, edit a message before sending it out (without affecting the template), and even specify a phone number that's not in your contacts!

Check it out!