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Friday, July 23, 2010

SMS Templates Version 1.5 is Out!

The new version of SMS Templates is out! It now supports iOS 4.0, allowing users to now send SMS directly from the app, no cutting and pasting needed!

Download it here.


julien said...

Hi. Thanks for this nice application. I have a question:is it possible to skip thé choice of person? Id like to choose m'y template and by clicking on it directly spend thé SMS. Without nothing else. From springboard use SMS template choose m'y template and that s all. Thanks for your help and sorry for m'y english. I m french. One more thanks

Sherwin said...

Hi Julien,

Sorry for the late response. Well you can click on the template, then click Send Message to quickly send the SMS.

That said, I'm looking into having a quicker way to send a template without going through additional steps. I just don't know yet what the user experience should be - a double tap? A drag? A long press?