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Saturday, February 11, 2012

MoreFunogram - It's More Fun in the Philippines

MoreFunogram is out! It's an iPhone app that lets you create your own It's More Fun in the Philippines photos and post it on Twitter, Facebook or save it back to your photo albums.

It's easy to use - just start the application, select a photo or take one using the iPhone camera, type the text that you want to appear, and then you're shown a photo with your customized text on top. You can position the text anywhere you want, and when you're done you can tap a button to tweet it, post it on Facebook, or save it into your photo albums.

Some users have pointed out a couple of bugs - I've fixed them and the update is currently being approved by Apple.

Download it now and make your own It's More Fun in the Philippines photo! http://bit.ly/morefunogram

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