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Monday, September 28, 2009

SMSTemplates v1.2 now for sale!

SMS Templates v1.2 now live at the AppStore! All bugs introduced by 1.1 have been fixed. Full functionality available, along with reordering the templates.


Anonymous said...

Can you add a default contact to one of your preloaded texts? If so, how?

Also, can you edit a preloaded text? How can I use the emoticons in a msg that I setup?


Sherwin Sowy said...


Unfortunately, you cannot edit an existing template, nor add a default contact. I suggest that you create a new template with the same text and associate a default contact.

That said, I'll look into putting in an edit feature in the next version.


Sherwin Sowy said...

SMSTemplates version 1.3 is out! You can now edit templates!

Check it out at http://bit.ly/smstemplates